Your Family Deserves Excellent Dental Care in Covington, TN

You want your family to have the best of everything – and that includes dental care. That’s exactly what we offer at Wrather Family Dentistry: excellent dental care. Dr. A. Roy Wrather enjoys helping patients so much, he’s been doing it for 50 years! The rest of our team shares his commitment to patient satisfaction.

In addition to an experienced dentist supported by a caring team, our patients appreciate:

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Your Comfort Is a Top Priority

From the technology we use to the amenities we offer, it’s obvious your family’s comfort means a lot to us. For instance, we use lasers for comfortable procedures like gum reshaping.

Time spent in our waiting room passes quickly with informational videos featuring Dr. Wrather. You can also help yourself to refreshments from our beverage station. While you’re in our chair, you’ll find it easy to relax with a blanket and pillow. In dental emergencies or any other situations where you feel anxious, you have the option of receiving dental sedation.

Mouthguards Improve Your Family’s Health

You might not think of a dentist for mouthguards – but you should. Dr. Wrather can fit your family members for mouthguards that will not only protect your teeth but improve their overall health. We offer them for:

  • Protection During Sports – Athletes should wear a mouthguard during sports to protect their teeth. Custom-made mouthguards fit better than those purchased from a store.
  • TMJ Treatment – A mouthguard can relieve pressure on your jaw that is causing TMJ pain. Mouthguards also stop you from grinding your teeth, a destructive habit that can contribute to TMJ troubles.

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