Dr. A. Roy Wrather Has Offered Excellent Dentistry for Half a Century

Dr. A. Roy Wrather has been a dentist for 50 years. Throughout his years in practice he’s kept his interest in the field fresh and learned the latest treatment techniques by taking many hours of continuing education. All told, he’s completed more than 4,000 hours of coursework in many different areas of dentistry!

His extensive experience and training is reflected in the advanced services offered at Wrather Family Dentistry. For example, he both places and restores dental implants. He performs innovative procedures such as fixed dentures, which involves attaching a full arch of replacement teeth to just four implants.

He learned the value of hard work growing up on his family’s farm. After attending Rhodes College and graduating from Memphis University with majors in math and physical sciences, he received his dental degree from the University of Tennessee.

“People come to me all distressed with a problem. Sometimes they leave happy with one less problem. My goal is to see the lively sparkle and hear the joyful sounds of someone who has just received exquisite dentistry and then help them keep it that way forever!”

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