Find Fast Assistance For Dental Emergencies in Covington, TN

Dental emergencies in Covington may be at least a little bit upsetting – but they don’t have to be disastrous. In an emergency, you want fast care from an experienced dentist. You’ll get both of those things at Wrather Family Dentistry.

There are few situations Dr. A. Roy Wrather can’t handle in-house, given his nearly 50 years of practice and thousands of hours of advanced training. We reserve blocks of time on our schedule with emergencies in mind, so we’re often able to offer same-day care. If your emergency occurs after regular business hours, leave a message and we’ll return your call ASAP the next day.

In addition to Dr. Wrather’s steady hands and reassuring manner, you’ll find:

Experienced an emergency? Don’t panic; call us at 901-245-6276.

Address Your Emergency With Restorative Dentistry

From a toothache to a broken tooth, we can address the most common emergency situations with restorative dental care.

  • For Cavities – If a cavity is causing your toothache, we’ll repair it with a tooth filling. For more severe decay, we’ll use an inlay, onlay, or dental crown.
  • For an Infected Tooth – If a tooth has become infected, Dr. Wrather can save the tooth and prevent the infection from spreading with a root canal.
  • For a Cracked or Broken Tooth – A dental crown can mend a cracked or broken tooth so it’s as good as new – or even better.
  • Broken Dental Restorations – If you break a crown, denture, or other restoration, Dr. Wrather will repair it. With crowns, you can even get a new one in just one appointment.

In situations where a tooth is too badly damaged to save, Dr. Wrather can comfortably extract it.

Stay Comfortable While You’re in Our Care

No matter which procedure you’re getting, we’ll make sure you’re relaxed while we work. If you’re nervous or worried about discomfort, you can choose from two kinds of safe dental sedation. We’ll also offer you amenities like pillows and blankets while you’re in our chair.

Our team is used to handling dental emergencies in Covington, so we’ll put you at ease! Call 901-245-6276. Our office is located at 720 W. Sherrod Ave.

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