Eat What You Like With Restorative Dental Care in Covington, TN

Eating is a small pleasure that starts feeling pretty big if you suffer dental damage that prevents you from enjoying your favorite foods. Your overall health tends to suffer too, because missing and damaged teeth make it tough to eat nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Let us make your meals enjoyable again with restorative dental care in Covington!

With restorative dentistry, we can:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Mend cavities of any size
  • Save teeth threatened by infection
  • Repair breaks, cracks, and other damage
  • Make your teeth stronger

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Create an Individualized Dental Implant Plan

Some dentists restore dental implants but don’t place them. Dr. A. Roy Wrather does both, which makes it quicker and easier for you to get implants. In addition, his expertise allows him to perform procedures ranging from replacing a single tooth to a full-mouth teeth replacement. He can even use mini dental implants if your jaw isn’t strong enough to support full-size implants. He’ll work closely with you to determine if implants are right for you and, if so, which kind of restoration will work best for your smile.

Fix Your Dental Damage With a Crown or Other Restorations

Getting a dental crown can sometimes take weeks, which you’ll spend wearing a temporary restoration. At our office, though, you have the option of getting a faster dental fix. We can make a beautiful crown for you very quickly, using our sophisticated scanning technology and milling machine.

In addition to same-day dental crowns, we offer:

  • Tooth Fillings – Tooth-colored composite fillings blend in naturally with your smile. Since every cavity is different, we offer fillings made of other materials too.
  • Inlays and Onlays – One of these restorations will mend damage that is too serious for a filling but not bad enough for a crown.
  • Root Canals – Root canal therapy saves infected teeth.
  • Dental Veneers – These restorations repair problems like chips and cracks but can be used for strictly cosmetic improvements too.

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